Established and Founded

Victory Bible Baptist Church
Where the King James Bible is preached,
God the Father is worshipped,
Jesus Christ, God the Son is Lord and Saviour!
The Holy Spirit, God is present in His office work as Teacher,
The Holy Scriptures (KJB) is the final authority when it comes to faith and practice.
Where all members are co-equal in Christ, as the salt of the earth, bearing His testimony.

This site is purely informational, extensive and exhaustive in biblical truth.

This is an Authorized King James Version (Bible) 1611
Del Wray, Pastor - Independent King James Bible Believing Baptist Church
50 years Planting and Promoting Bible Believing Baptist Churches
Location: Southern Maryland on the Delmarva Peninsula
Home of Victory Baptist Academy - Home School Supervision
30195 Rehobeth Road - Marion Station, MD 21838-2213
Phones: 410-623-2391
Personal Cell: 410-422-6350
Mobile: 443-397-7671

"Hated by men but loved by God"


Why, We are not just another church. See 'LAST SECTION'

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